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Build Setup – Titan Arc Build Destiny 2 D2

Explore the Ultimate Titan Arc Build in Destiny 2 for Maximum Power

Unlock the potential of the Titan Arc Build in Destiny 2 to dominate your enemies and triumph in battles. Learn how Aspects, fragments, and exotic armor can elevate your gameplay. Dive into this comprehensive guide and harness the full power of the Titan Arc Build in Destiny 2.

The Titan Arc Build in Destiny 2 is a true force to be reckoned with. It excels for several key reasons:

  1. Pulse Grenades: These grenades cover large areas and deal significant damage.
  2. Barricades: Create strategic protection while your grenades do the work.
  3. Super Ability: Use it as a panic button for swift escapes or to quickly eliminate formidable foes.

Explore the step-by-step guide below on how to build and optimize your Arc Titan Build in Destiny 2.

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Skill Tree – Titan Arc Build Destiny 2 D2

Best Abilities for Arc Titan in Destiny 2

Pulse Grenade
The Pulse Grenade stands out as the preferred choice, especially after the Storm Grenade nerf. With Ionic Traces, you’ll benefit from a rapid cooldown, ensuring you’re always ready for action.

Choose Wisely for Your Needs
When it comes to Barricades, your choice should align with your tactical objectives:

  • Towering Barricade: Opt for this when you need protection from sniper enemies or when reviving allies strategically.
  • Rally Barricade: This option shines when you want to use Barricades frequently, taking advantage of increased reload speed and the bomber(Mod) effect.

Melee Ability:
Seismic Strike
Seismic Strike remains the top pick, primarily for its exceptional mobility benefits and occasional blinding effect. However, if you have a personal preference for another melee ability, rest assured that it won’t significantly impact the effectiveness of this build.

Unlock the full potential of the Arc Titan Build in Destiny 2 and dominate your foes with precision and power. Explore this guide to enhance your gameplay and conquer the challenges that await you.”

Arc Titan Build Destiny 2

Aspect Choices

For our powerful Arc Titan Build in Destiny 2, we’ve carefully selected the following aspects to maximize our effectiveness:

  1. Touch of Thunder
    This aspect is absolutely vital to our Arc Titan Build. Our Pulse Grenades have been enhanced to spawn Ionic Traces upon impact, immediately returning 12.5% of our grenade energy when collected. Furthermore, our grenades now inflict increasing damage the longer they linger on the battlefield.
  2. Knockout
    This aspect allows us to start regenerating health upon melee kills and puts us in the amplified state

In particular, the Touch of Thunder aspect is a pivotal element of our Arc Titan Build in Destiny 2. It enhances our damage-dealing potential and ensures we maintain a competitive edge in the game.

  • Knockout Arc Aspect Titan Destiny 2
  • Touch of Thunder Arc Aspect Titan Destiny 2

The success of this Titan Arc Build hinges significantly on the utilization of Fragments.

Spark of Magnitude: Our Pulse Grenades now emit 2 additional pulses, increasing the total from 6 to 8.

Spark of Recharge: When we are at critical health, we receive a 400% bonus to our grenade regeneration speed.

Spark of Ions: Defeating an jolted enemy generates an Ionic Trace, which, when collected, replenishes 12.5% of our grenade energy.

Spark of Shock: Our grenades jolt enemies upon impact.

  • Spark of magnitude arc fragment destiny2
  • Spark of shock arc fragment destiny2
  • Spark of Recharge Arc Fragment Destiny 2
  • Spark of ions arc fragment destiny2

Synergies with Exotic Armor – Titan Arc Build Destiny 2 D2

The synergy between the Titan Arc Build and the Armamentarium Exotic in Destiny 2 is straightforward and almost mundane. However, having a second grenade charge in this build is simply too potent to overlook. While it may not be an exceptionally flashy synergy, its simplicity and strength make it indispensable in this case.

Pro Tip: In PvE activities where your loadout isn’t restricted, you can easily switch to the Cuirass of the Falling Star once your super is fully charged to deal double damage with your Super, and then switch back afterward.

Armamentarium exotic Armor Destiny 2
And Another Thing Armamentarium Perk Destiny 2

Mods and Stats – Arc Build Titan Destiny 2 D2


For Titan players, my general recommendation is to prioritize maximum Discipline and Resilience. Ideally, aim for 100 Discipline, 100 Resilience, and 100 Recovery, although reaching this level can be challenging.

Having Resilience at Tier 10 provides a substantial 30% damage reduction, a significant advantage in PvE encounters. Because Resillience is the Titan Class Stat it reduces the Cooldown of your Class Ability which makes it even better to aim for Tier 10 Resilience.

For some Titan Builds which are very Melee focused, it is more worthwhile to go for strength instead of discipline.

  • Mobility Destiny 2 D2 character stat warlock titan
  • Resilience Destiny 2 D2 character stat warlock hunter
  • Recovery Destiny 2 D2 warlock class stat
  • Discipline Destiny 2 D2 character stat warlock titan hunter
  • Intellect Destiny 2 D2 character stat warlock titan hunter
  • Strength Destiny 2 D2 character stat warlock titan hunter


To maximize the potential of this Arc Titan Build, I highly recommend the following mods for different gear pieces:


  • Ashes to Assets (helmet / 3 energy)
  • Fast Ball (gauntlets / 1 energy)
  • Firepower (gauntlets / 3 energy)
  • Grenade Kickstart (gauntlets / 3 energy)
  • concussive dampener (chest / 3 energy)
  • harmonic resistance (chest / 1 energy)
  • solar/void resistance (chest / 2 energy)
  • Recuperation (leg / 1 energy)
  • Innervation (leg / 1 energy)
  • Stacks on Stacks (leg / 4 energy)
  • Bomber (class item / 1 energy)

Fill Up with:

Discipline / Resilience Mods to get as near to 100 / 100  as possible.

  • heavy ammo finder (helmet / 3 energy)
  • heavy ammo scout (helmet / 1 energy)  not needed in solo play
  • Distribution (leg / 3 energy)
  • (matching element of your heavy weapon) scavenger (leg / 3 energy)
  • reaper (class item / 3 energy)

For a good example of how you could distribute the mods look at the following images:


RESILIENCE MOD general armor mod Destiny 2
Ashes to Assets helmet mod destiny 2
Ashes to Assets helmet mod destiny 2


RESILIENCE MOD general armor mod Destiny 2
Firepower gauntlet mod Destiny 2
Grenade Kickstart gauntlet mod destiny 2


RESILIENCE MOD general armor mod Destiny 2
CONCUSSIVE DAMPENER chest mod destiny 2
VOID RESISTANCE chest mod destiny 2


RECUPERATION leg armor mod solar Destiny 2
Innervation Leg Mod Destiny 2
Stacks on Stacks leg mod Destiny 2

Class Item

RESILIENCE MOD general armor mod Destiny 2
Bomber Class Item Armor Mod Destiny 2 D2
Bomber Class Item Armor Mod Destiny 2 D2

Playstyle – Arc Titan Destiny 2 D2

Gameplay Strategy

To maximize the potential of the Arc Titan Build in Destiny 2, follow this gameplay strategy:

  1. Charge Armor Charges (Collect Orbs): Accumulate armor charges by collecting Orbs.
  2. Grenade Deployment: Throw grenades strategically.
    • Armor Charge Benefits: Your armor charges grant you a direct return of 15% (1 charge), 23% (2 charges), or 30% (3 charges) of your grenade energy through Kickstart.
  3. Positioning for Ionic Traces: Position yourself effectively to collect Ionic Traces.
  4. Barricade Placement: Place Barricade strategically to make the most of the Bomber Mod.
  5. Orb Collection: Whenever possible, gather Orbs created by Firepower to benefit from Innervation.
  6. Repeat: Continuously cycle through these steps to optimize your gameplay.

Don’t forget to utilize your Super periodically, as it packs a powerful punch and recharges quickly thanks to Ashes to Assets.

This strategy empowers you with a potent and sustainable Arc-based gameplay experience in Destiny 2.

Recommended Weapons – Titan Arc Build Destiny 2 D2

Due to the Grenade-Centric Focus of our Destiny 2 Arc Titan Build, it’s advantageous to wield weapons that can greatly benefit the team, such as Gjallarhorn. Additionally, weapons with blinding effects, such as certain grenade launchers, can be valuable assets.

Below, I’ve compiled a list of three distinct loadouts that I prefer using in conjunction with the Arc Titan Build.


FATEBRINGER weapon destiny 2


Explosive Payload

Focus on Reload Speed

Wilderflight weapon Destiny 2


Disorienting Grenades
Auto-Loading Holster
Lead from Gold / Disruption Break

Focus on Handling

Gjallarhorn Exotic Weapon Destiny 2 D2

Tractor Cannon


For Destiny Item Manager users, we’ve compiled the complete Arc Titan Build with a link provided below. This link allows you to streamline your loadout management and easily customize your setup according to your preferences.

Simply follow the link, and within Destiny Item Manager, you can remove any less crucial mods from the left side and add your favorite mods to fine-tune your build to perfection


With this handy tool, you can effortlessly tailor your Arc Titan build, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your playstyle and preferences. Dive in and make the most of your Destiny 2 experience with this highly customizable loadout.