Warlock Build Solar 3.0 PVE Destiny 2 D2

Build Setup – Warlock Build Solar 3.0 Destiny 2 D2

Welcome to the best Solar 3.0 Build for Warlock in Destiny 2 D2.

With this Warlock Build for Destiny 2 D2 you will burn everything that gets in your way. Besides the nice explosions you will also get a constant buff for your weapons!

All these aspects make the Warlock Build Solar 3.0 for Destiny 2 such good.

  • Boosts the damage output
  • Apply scorch on all enemies
  • Fast grenades and good grenade damage
  • Long range melee ability

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Skill Tree – BEST ENDGAME BUILD Warlock Destiny 2 D2


For this Solar 3.0 Warlock build in Destiny 2 we use the fusion grenades because they do a lot of damage and have a very low base cooldown. With 100 discipline we bring the cooldown down to about 40 seconds.

For general gameplay without specific strategies, I generally recommend equipping with the warlock on the healing rift. It gives you a decisive advantage when you have to defend a position for a short time or fight against a major that does a lot of damage.

For the melee skill, I still recommend celestial fire. Because the range in conjunction with the fragments and aspects harmonizes super well together.

Destiny 2 warlock solar 3.0 build overview subclass


First we use touch of flame it makes our fusion grenade explode twice and causes much damage and makes more scorch stacks. It also gives us two fragments slots which will be important later.

As a second aspect I recommend icarus dash because you can travel much faster and reach places in a short time which is not possible otherwise. And it also gives us two fragments slots.

  • Touch of flame aspect solar Destiny2 D2
  • Icarus dash aspect solar Destiny 2 D2


The fragments are very important in the build.

First Ember of Ashes this makes that we have more stacks of scorch on our opponents. This works for our grenade, melee ability and also weapon.

Ember of Char gives you a +10 bonus value on discipline and your solar ignitions will spread scorch to nearby enemies.

Next we use Ember of Torches this makes that when we do damage to enemies with our Celestial Fire we and close allies become radiant (25% weapon bonus damage on all weapons).

And last but not least we use Ember of Singeing this makes that whenever we scorch enemies we get back healing rift energy and this plays into the whole combination because as soon as we activate the healing rift we get back grenade energy through our mods and so on.

  • EMBER OF TORCHES fragment Destiny 2 D2 solar
  • EMBER OF SINGEING fragment Destiny 2 D2 solar
  • EMBER OF ASHES fragment Destiny 2 D2 solar
  • EMBER OF CHAR fragment Destiny 2 D2 solar

Synergies with Exotic Armor – BEST ENDGAME BUILD freeze anything Destiny 2 D2

To make our ultimate Solar 3.0 Build warlock build for Destiny 2 D2 even better we use the Dawn Chorus exotic helmet. This gives us three times more damage with our scorch effects and we gain a small amount of melee energy each time our scorch effects damage a target.

DAWN CHORUS exotic helmet Destiny 2 D2 warlock
DAWN CHORUS Rites of Ember warlock Destiny 2

Mods and Stats – Solar Warlock Destiny 2 D2


For Warlock in general, I always recommend going for max Discipline and Resilience. In the best case 100 Discipline, 100 Resilience and 70 Intellect. Why exactly tier 7 for intellect?

Up to Tier 7 Intellect you get 23 seconds less cooldown per higher Intellect level. On Tier 8 but only 13 that is then such a small increase that it is almost no longer worth it to pay attention to it.

  • Mobility Destiny 2 D2 character stat warlock titan
  • Resilience Destiny 2 D2 character stat warlock hunter
  • Recovery Destiny 2 D2 warlock class stat
  • Discipline Destiny 2 D2 character stat warlock titan hunter
  • Intellect Destiny 2 D2 character stat warlock titan hunter
  • Strength Destiny 2 D2 character stat warlock titan hunter


To get the maximum out of this build and at the same time play the best of the season I recommend the following mods:


2 x Firepower (Solar)

Elemental Charge

Elemental Ordnance

Revitalizing Blast (for content with champions)

Concussive Dampener (Chest)

Bomber (Class Item Solar)

Fill Up with:

Discipline / Resilience Mods to get as near to 100 / 100  as possible.

(I do not recommend using Intellect Mods since they need 5 Energy)

Recuperation (Solar / Legs)

For a good example of how you could distribute the mods look at the following images:


RESILIENCE MOD general armor mod Destiny 2
LINEAR FUSION RIFLE AMMO FINDER helmet armor mod Destiny 2
FIREPOWER charged with light mod solar Destiny 2


RESILIENCE MOD general armor mod Destiny 2
IMPACT INDUCTION arms armor mod solar Destiny 2
ELEMENTAL CHARGE Elemental Well Mod Destiny 2


RESILIENCE MOD general armor mod Destiny 2
ARMOR OF THE DYING STAR chest armor mod Destiny 2
FIREPOWER charged with light mod solar Destiny 2


RESILIENCE MOD general armor mod Destiny 2
RECUPERATION leg armor mod solar Destiny 2
ELEMENTAL ORDNANCE elemental well mod Destiny 2

Class Item

Bomber Class Item Armor Mod Destiny 2 D2
Bomber Class Item Armor Mod Destiny 2 D2

Playstyle – Solar 3.0 Warlock Destiny 2 D2

This Solar 3.0 warlock build for Destiny 2 is so powerful because everything you do improves something else. For example, when we scorch an enemy we get melee energy back through our exotic. Through the mod impact induction we get grenade energy when we do damage with our melee skill. And when we are charged with light we get grenade energy back by throwing our very strong fusion grenades that explode twice with our aspect. By playing with the exotic skyburner oath we still get scorch with every shot we shoot from the hip. As you can see everything plays together here. It is important to use skills to benefit from the extra energy. So throw grenades use the melee ability aaand repeat. Now and then fire a little from the hip and sometimes when it gets hectic use the super and clean up.

Recommended Weapons – Solar 3.0 BUILD Warlock Destiny 2 D2

For our Solar 3.0 warlock build in Destiny 2, only the energy weapon is crucial – the primary and heavy weapons can be adjusted according to the circumstances. Depending on whether sustain single target dps, burst dps or add clear is required, I would swap the weapons.


Ignition Code grenade launcher Destiny 2 D2

Ignition Code

  • Blinding Grenades / Spike Grenades
  • Slideshot
  • Frenzy
SKYBURNER'S OATH Destiny 2 D2 Exotic

Skyburners Oath


Commemoration Machine Gun Destiny 2 D2


  • Extended Mag
  • Reconstruction
  • Rampage / Dragonfly

Ignition Code with slideshot is just awesome especially against enemy groups and crowd control. You have to get used to the handling a bit in the beginning with the shooting hold down and release at the right moment so that the grenade explodes exactly at the enemy, but once you have that out it is strong.

Commemoration with extended mag and reconstruction is just so fun to play because you never have to reload and you can shoot around forever.


Praedyths Revenge Sniper Rifle Destiny 2 D2

Praedyths Revenge

  • Tactical Mag
  • Rewind Rounds
  • High-Impact Reserves
SKYBURNER'S OATH Destiny 2 D2 Exotic

Skyburners Oath


The Hothead Rocket Luncher Destiny 2 D2

The Hothead

  • Impact casing
  • Demolitionist
  • Explosive light

Preadyths revenge does really good burst damage with its rapid fire frame and perk combinations. But you have to be careful that you can’t combine it with divinity.

To do real burst damage, The Hothead is especially worthwhile with the perk combination demolitionist and explosive light. First fire a rocket, then throw our strong fusion grenade and follow it up with another rocket. This works best if one of the team shoots a Gjallarhorn first because then you can benefit from the wolfpack rounds.

Focus on sustain damage / overall damage output

Succession Sniper Rifle Destiny 2 D2


  • Extended Mag
  • Reconstruction
  • Vorpal
SKYBURNER'S OATH Destiny 2 D2 Exotic

Skyburners Oath


Cataclysmic Linear Fusion Rifle Destiny 2 D2


  • Liquid Coil / Enhanced Battery
  • Fourth times the charm
  • Bait and switch

With Succession you have a sniper that has a good constant damage output and does not need to reload due to its special reconstruction perk. In addition, it has a very large magazine.

With Cataclysmic you have enormous damage potential. If you activate bait and switch (do damage with every equipped weapon) you get 35% more damage for 10 seconds. This combined with Fourth times the charm has a great constant damage output while the DPS is also very good.

For all those who use Destiny Item Manager I have put together the Build here in the link.

You can remove the unimportant mods on the left side and add your favorites.