Hunter Build broken invisible / survive / Destiny 2 D2

Build Setup – Hunter Build broken invisible / survive Destiny 2 D2

Welcome to the Hunter Build Invisible / Survive for Destiny 2!

Hunters are known for their exceptional abilities in Destiny 2, particularly their unique skill to render themselves and their team invisible, offering a crucial advantage in various challenging scenarios. In high-stakes encounters, invisibility can often be the difference between success and failure, saving your team from potential wipes. In this guide, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the key components that make up the essential Invisible/Survive Hunter Build. Explore these crucial elements to enhance your Hunter’s survivability and become a formidable force in the world of Destiny 2.

All these aspects contribute to the excellence of the Invisible / Survive Hunter Build for Destiny 2. For a more in-depth breakdown of each component, please explore the dedicated sections below.

  • Exceptional invisibility and survival capabilities
  • Effective for Raids, Strikes, and Dungeons
  • Synergizes well with exotic armor
  • Maintains a high uptime of invisibility

Explore the step-by-step guide below on how to build and optimize your Void Hunter Build in Destiny 2.

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Skill Tree – Hunter Build Invisible / Survive Destiny 2 D2

Best Abilities for Invisible / Survive Hunter Build in Destiny 2

Vortex Grenade
I have a strong preference for the Vortex grenade. It’s straightforward to position, offering a substantial area of effect and delivering impressive damage over an extended period.

Class Ability:
In our Invisible Hunter build, it’s crucial to equip the Gambler’s Dodge. This ability replenishes our melee gauge when activated in close proximity to enemies.

Unleash the true potential of the Void Hunter Build in Destiny 2, specializing in invisibility, and become a master of stealth and precision. Dive into this guide to elevate your gameplay and triumph over the formidable challenges that lie ahead.

Void Hunter Build Destiny 2

Aspect Choices

For our stealth-focused Void Hunter Build in Destiny 2, we’ve carefully selected the following aspects to optimize our invisibility-centric playstyle:

Vanishing Step This aspect is absolutely essential to our Void Hunter Build. It enhances our dodge ability, allowing us to become invisible when performing a dodge. This invisibility provides a crucial advantage, enabling us to navigate the battlefield undetected and escape from tight situations.

Trapper’s Ambush Trapper’s Ambush is the cornerstone of our entire build. When our smoke bomb hits all allies, including ourselves, they become invisible for a duration of 5 seconds. This duration can be extended to 7 seconds with the Echo of Persistence, providing a substantial advantage. Additionally, the smoke grenade can be used to debuff bosses, enhancing our damage output in boss fights.

In particular, the Trapper’s Ambush aspect is a pivotal element of our Void Hunter Build, ensuring we maintain a stealthy edge in Destiny 2 and allowing us to excel in situations that demand invisibility.

  • Trappers Ambush Void Aspect Hunter Destiny 2
  • Vanishing Step Void Aspect Hunter Destiny 2

The success of this Hunter Build hinges significantly on the utilization of Fragments.

Echo of Persistence: Our Void Buffs now have a 40% extended duration, as outlined earlier, increasing our invisibility period from 5 to 7 seconds.

Echo of Starvation: Upon collecting an Orb of Power or a Void Breech, we immediately gain the Devour buff for 5 seconds. This duration is further prolonged to 7 seconds with the assistance of the Echo of Persistence.

Echo of Undermining: This fragment is a must. It ensures that all enemies struck by the grenade suffer amplified damage for 5 seconds.

Echo of Remnants: This fragment enhances the duration of our Void Vortex Grenade by 50%, making it last significantly longer in combat scenarios.

  • Echo of Persistence warlock void fragment destiny2 info
  • Echo of Undermining warlock void fragment destiny2 info
  • Echo of Remnants warlock void fragment destiny2 info
  • Echo of Starvation Void Fragment Destiny 2

Synergies with Exotic Armor – Hunter Build Invisible / Survive Destiny 2 D2

The combination of the Void Hunter build, focusing on invisibility, and the Omnicolus exotic chest piece is incredibly powerful for your website. It provides the following benefits:

  1. An additional charge for the Smoke Bomb Melee Ability.
  2. 50% Damage Resistance while in Void Invisibility.
  3. When cloaking allies, they also receive the same 50% Damage Resistance, and you’ll receive a 50% refund of Melee Ability Energy for each ally you make invisible.
Omnioculus exotic Armor Destiny 2
Beyond The Veil Omnioculus Perk Destiny 2

Mods and Stats – Void Build Hunter Destiny 2 D2


For Hunter players in Destiny 2, my general recommendation is to prioritize maximum Mobility and Resilience. Ideally, aim for 100 Discipline, 100 Resilience, and 100 Mobility, although reaching this level can be challenging.

Having Resilience at Tier 10 provides a substantial 30% damage reduction, a significant advantage in PvE encounters.

For some Hunter Builds which are very Melee focused, it is more worthwhile to go for strength instead of discipline.

  • Mobility Destiny 2 D2 character stat warlock titan
  • Resilience Destiny 2 D2 character stat warlock hunter
  • Recovery Destiny 2 D2 warlock class stat
  • Discipline Destiny 2 D2 character stat warlock titan hunter
  • Intellect Destiny 2 D2 character stat warlock titan hunter
  • Strength Destiny 2 D2 character stat warlock titan hunter


To maximize the potential of this Void Hunter Build, I highly recommend the following mods for different gear pieces:


  • Dynamo (helmet / 3 energy)
  • Fast Ball (gauntlets / 1 energy)
  • Firepower (gauntlets / 3 energy)
  • Concussive Dampener (chest / 3 energy)
  • Harmonic Resistance (chest / 1 energy)
  • Solar/Arc Resistance (chest / 2 energy)
  • Innervation (leg / 1 energy)
  • Distribution (class item / 3 energy)
  • Special Finisher (class item / 1 energy)
  • Reaper (class item / 3 energy)

Fill Up with:

Discipline / Resilience Mods to get as near to 100 / 100  as possible.

  • Kinetic Siphon (helmet / 2 energy)
  • Heavy Ammo Finder (helmet / 3 energy)
  • Heavy Ammo Scout (helmet / 1 energy)  not needed in solo play
  • (matching element of your heavy weapon) Scavenger (leg / 3 energy)

For a good example of how you could distribute the mods look at the following images:


RESILIENCE MOD general armor mod Destiny 2
Dynamo Helmet Mod Destiny 2
heavy ammo finder helmet mod destiny 2


RESILIENCE MOD general armor mod Destiny 2
Firepower gauntlet mod Destiny 2
Fastball Gauntlet Mod Destiny 2


RESILIENCE MOD general armor mod Destiny 2
CONCUSSIVE DAMPENER chest mod destiny 2
SOLAR RESISTANCE chest mod destiny 2


RECUPERATION leg armor mod solar Destiny 2
Innervation Leg Mod Destiny 2
Solar Scavenger Leg Mod Destiny 2

Class Item

RESILIENCE MOD general armor mod Destiny 2
Reaper Class Item Mod Destiny 2
Distribution Class Item Mod Destiny 2

Playstyle – Void Hunter Destiny 2 D2

Gameplay Strategy

The playstyle for this Void Hunter build is highly focused on providing support. It involves making ourselves and our team members invisible to escape challenging scenarios, debuffing enemies with our grenades, melee abilities, or super to enhance our team’s damage output. Additionally, our super offers effective crowd control and consistently generates orbs to boost the super abilities of our teammates.

For a swift melee ability recharge, employ this tactic: Stand near one or more teammates and throw the smoke bomb into the center. This will instantly increase your melee ability by 50% by making your teammates invisible. When your melee ability is no longer available, engage with an opponent and utilize your class ability. This will not only directly replenish your melee ability but also render you invisible again, allowing you to return to safety.

This strategy empowers you with a potent and sustainable Invis-based gameplay experience in Destiny 2.

Recommended Weapons – Hunter Build Invisible / Survive Destiny 2 D2

Below, I’ve compiled a list of three distinct loadouts that I prefer using in conjunction with the Void Hunter Build.


FATEBRINGER weapon destiny 2


Explosive Payload

Focus on Reload Speed

Wilderflight weapon Destiny 2


Disorienting Grenades
Auto-Loading Holster
Lead from Gold / Disruption Break

Focus on Handling

Gjallarhorn Exotic Weapon Destiny 2 D2



For Destiny Item Manager users, we’ve compiled the complete Void Hunter Build with a link provided below. This link allows you to streamline your loadout management and easily customize your setup according to your preferences.

Simply follow the link, and within Destiny Item Manager, you can remove any less crucial mods from the left side and add your favorite mods to fine-tune your build to perfection

With this handy tool, you can effortlessly tailor your Hunter build, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your playstyle and preferences. Dive in and make the most of your Destiny 2 experience with this highly customizable loadout.