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Destiny 2 Season of the Wish

Destiny 2 fans received official news yesterday confirming that Bungie is delaying the release of the DLC “The Final Form.” Players now face a seven-month wait with little new content. Despite this, Bungie has a strategy to keep players engaged with the live-service game during this period.

The delay of “The Final Shape” comes amid challenging times for Bungie’s loot-shooter. The recent DLC “Lightfall” received poor reviews, and seasonal content has struggled to excite players. This led to a decline in the game’s popularity and, in late October, Bungie had to make mass layoffs due to poor sales forecasts. The layoffs further frustrated players, leading many to cancel their pre-orders of “The Final Shape.”

Bungie aims to surprise and engage players with Destiny 2’s vast multiplayer universe. However, they admit recent efforts have been unsatisfactory. To improve, they need more time, even though the coming months in Destiny 2 will be challenging.

The destination awaiting players in June 2024 is already set: the inside of the Traveler, promising much to explore.

Season of the Wish Traveler Big Destiny 2

To keep players entertained until June 2024, Bungie faces the constant pressure of providing content. With the DLC “The Final Shape” delayed from February to June 2024, Bungie presented a new content replacement plan on

Starting today at 6:00 PM, the new “Season of Wishes” (S23) begins in Destiny 2, running unchanged from late November to February. It’s expected that the season’s content will remain in the game until June 2024, even after the story concludes. New weekly quests based on player progress, named “Wishes,” will be added in February.

Guardian Games Destiny 2

In March 2024, the free “Guardian Games” event starts, typically held in May. April 2024 sees the “Into the Light” content update, preparing players for their journey to the Traveler. This update also includes new maps for PvP players, with three maps going live in May 2024, and improvements to PvP modes.

Whether these efforts will keep Destiny guardians engaged is uncertain. The Destiny 2 community has mixed reactions to the extended season, but many see it as a chance for Bungie to deliver a quality DLC. Some players plan to use this time for other games, while others aim to complete long-term goals in Destiny 2.

After ten years, what’s expected from Destiny 2 is an impressive, surprising, and satisfying conclusion to the first major saga of Light and Darkness.

What are your expectations for the upcoming content and events in this long season? Do you have hopes or theories about the “Into the Light” update in April 2024? Will it significantly impact the overall story of Destiny 2? We look forward to your opinions and speculations in the comments.