Best Hunter Build Destiny 2

Build Setup – Hunter Build Void Destiny 2 D2

Welcome to the Invisible/Survive Hunter Build guide for Destiny 2! Hunters are known for their exceptional abilities in Destiny 2, particularly their unique skill to render themselves and their team invisible, offering a crucial advantage in various challenging scenarios. In high-stakes encounters, invisibility can often be the difference between success and failure, saving your team from potential wipes. In this guide, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the key components that make up the essential Invisible/Survive Hunter Build. Explore these crucial elements to enhance your Hunter’s survivability and become a formidable force in the world of Destiny 2.

All these aspects contribute to the excellence of the Invisible/Survive Hunter Build for Destiny 2. For a more in-depth breakdown of each component, please explore the dedicated sections below.

  • Exceptional invisibility and survival capabilities
  • Effective for Raids, Strikes, and Dungeons
  • Synergizes well with exotic armor
  • Maintains a high uptime of invisibility
Overview of the Invisible Hunter Build Destiny 2

Skill Tree – Hunter Void Build Destiny 2 D2

To maximize the advantages of this outstanding invisibility uptime, it’s crucial to configure your skill tree correctly. Follow the images below to optimize your Void Hunter build and ensure a constant supply of invisibility for both you and your teammates in Destiny 2.

Nightstalker way of the pathfinder Destiny 2 D2

Synergies with exotic armour – Hunter Build D2

While you have Omnioculus equipped you will receive a second smoke grenade charge. In addition, you will receive melee energy for each ally you make invisible. Any ally you make invisible will receive additional restitence while holding the invisibility.

This synergizes great with the bottom tree nightstalker and the gamblers dodge. You can be invisible almost all the time as long as you stand together with a few allies.

Omnioculus Destiny 2 Hunter Build

Mods and Stats – Hunter Build D2

For hunters in general, I always recommend going for max mobility and recovery. In the best case 100 mobility 100 recovery 70 resilience and 70 intellect. Why exactly tier 7 for intellect and resilience?

With Tier 7 Resilience, many annoying snipers in Grandmaster Nightfalls no longer kill you One Hit even without having Sniper Resilience equipped on the chest. This allows me to play an element of Resilience adjusted to the activity and which enemies are in there.

Up to Tier 7 Intellect you get 23 seconds less cooldown per higher Intellect level. On Tier 8 but only 13 that is then such a small increase that it is almost no longer worth it to pay attention to it.

  • Mobility Stat Destiny 2 D2
  • Resilience Stat Destony2 D2
  • Recovery Stat Destiny 2 D2
  • Intellect Stat Destiny 2 D2

To get the maximum out of this build and at the same time play the best of the season I recommend the following mods:


  • Protective Light (Void)
  • Taking Charge
  • Particle Deconstruction (Class Item)
  • Powerful Friends (Arc)
  • Radiant Light (Arc)
  • Concussive Dampener (Chest)
  • Solar/Arc/Void Resistence (If youre not on Tier 7 Resillience use Sniper Resistence)  (Chest)

Fill Up with:

  • Mobility / Recovery / Resilience Mods to get as near to 100 / 100 / 70 as possible. (I do not recommend using Intellect Mods since they need 5 Energy)
  • Fusion Ammo finder (Helmet)
  • Recuperation (Legs)
  • Fusion Scavenger (Legs)
  • Helmet Armor Destiny2 D2
  • Gauntlets Armor Destiny2 D2
  • Chest Armor Destiny2 D2
  • Leg Armor Destiny2 D2
  • Class Item Destiny2 D2

Playstyle – Hunter Build

It is important that you have a smoke bomb ready at all times. To ensure this, always dodge when it offers the possibility near the enemy. To use Omnioculus as effectively as possible, always make yourself invisible near allies to get the extra melee energy. Since the super of this build is not really efficient in endgame activities, it is very good to play a special finisher and supply the whole team with special ammunition.

Recommended Weapons – Hunter Build D2

For our Hunter Build for best possible survivability and group support, different loadouts are well suited. Depending on the activity, I recommend other weapons. Below I have listed various loadouts for general PvE activities. Depending on how far you have already progressed in the game.

Extraordinary Rendition

  • Overflow
  • Rampage
Null Composure Fusion Rifle Destiny 2

Null Composure

  • Feeding Frenzy
  • High-Impact Reserves
Ascendancy Rocket Launcher Destiny 2 D2


  • Impulse Amplifier
  • Explosiv Light

High – End

Extraordinary Rendition

  • Overflow
  • Rampage

Cartesian Coordinate

  • Under Pressure / Lead from Gold (This perk doesnt realy matter)
  • Vorpal

One Thousend Voices

  • Ahamkaras Eye
  • Unforseen Repercussions

For all those who use Destiny Item Manager I have put together the Build here in the link.

You can remove the unimportant mods on the left side and add your favorites.