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Build Setup – Dragons Breath Build Destiny 2 D2

Welcome to the Dragons Breath Build for Destiny 2!

Today, we’ll explore how to maximize the effectiveness of the newly introduced Rocket Launcher, Dragon’s Breath with the Warlock.

All these elements contribute to making the Dragons Breath Build in Destiny 2 stand out. Below, you’ll find a detailed breakdown of each build section.

Unleashing the Dragon’s Breath: Key Advantages

    1. Enhanced Scorch Damage: Experience a remarkable 200% increase in scorch damage per tick, significantly boosting your firepower.
    2. Higher Ignition Probability: Benefit from a tripled chance of igniting targets, enhancing your ability to control the battlefield.
    3. Expanded Ignition Radius and Effectiveness: Enjoy a massively increased ignition radius, ensuring widespread damage and enhanced area control.
    4. Synergy with Gear: Experience seamless integration with specific artifact and exotic armor, amplifying the launcher’s efficiency and your combat strategy.

Our detailed guide will delve deeper into each of these aspects, providing you with the insights and strategies you need to excel. Get ready to elevate your Destiny 2 experience and become a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

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Showcase of Impact Dragons Breath Destiny 2

Skill Tree – Dragons Breath Build Destiny 2 D2

Best Abilities for Solar Warlock in Destiny 2

In this Warlock build for Destiny 2, we recommend using a combination of Solar Grenade, Phoenix Dive, and Incendiary Snap. These abilities will help you not only deal damage but also heal and scorch during your gameplay sessions. They are your key tools for success in the game, ensuring you’re well-prepared for whatever challenges come your way

Solar Warlock Build Dragons Breath Destiny 2.jpg

In this Destiny 2 build, we carefully select two key aspects to enhance our Warlock’s performance. Let’s delve into these aspects:

  1. Touch of Flame: This aspect makes our Solar grenades even more potent by prolonging their lingering duration and creating small lava blobs that add extra damage. A great choice for boosting your offensive capabilities.
  2. Icarus Dash: This aspect has a minimal effect on the build. In my view, the significant mobility provided by Icarus Dash greatly enhances your survivability, allowing for swifter execution of mechanics and quicker revivals of teammates.
  • Touch of flame aspect solar Destiny2 D2
  • Icarus dash aspect solar Destiny 2 D2

The success of this Dragon Breath Build hinges significantly on the utilization of Fragments.

Maximizing Potential with Solar Fragments: Key Benefits

  1. Ember of Ashes: Boosts the number of Scorch Stacks applied to targets by 50% in most scenarios, enhancing your damage output.
  2. Ember of Eruption: Enhances the area of effect of your Solar ignitions, coupled with an additional +10 Strength stat.
  3. Ember of Char: Ensures that Ignitions, when combined with Ember of Ashes, apply an impactful 60 scroch to enemies caught in the explosion, increasing your destructive capabilities.
  4. Ember of Mercy: Provides a strategic advantage by offering Restoration x1 for 2 seconds through Firesprite pickups, aiding in quick recovery during combat.
  • Ember of Ashes solar fragment Destiny 2
  • EMBER OF CHAR fragment Destiny 2 D2 solar
  • Ember of Mercy solar fragment Destiny 2
  • Ember of Eruption Solar Fragment Destiny 2

Synergies with Exotic Armor – Dragons Breath Build Destiny 2 D2

Dragons Breath excels at scorching targets and triggering widespread ignitions for substantial area damage. When paired with the Dawn Chorus Exotic Helmet, its effectiveness in Destiny 2 skyrockets. The Right of Embers Perk further enhances its prowess, offering a substantial 200% increase in scorch damage per tick, which significantly boosts the likelihood of ignitions.

DAWN CHORUS exotic helmet Destiny 2 D2 warlock
DAWN CHORUS Rites of Ember warlock Destiny 2

Mods and Stats – Dragons Breath Build Destiny 2 D2


For Warlock players, my general recommendation is to prioritize maximum Discipline and Resilience. Ideally, aim for 100 Discipline, 100 Resilience, and 100 Recovery, although reaching this level can be challenging.

Having Resilience at Tier 10 provides a substantial 30% damage reduction, a significant advantage in PvE encounters.

  • Mobility Destiny 2 D2 character stat warlock titan
  • Resilience Destiny 2 D2 character stat warlock hunter
  • Recovery Destiny 2 D2 warlock class stat
  • Discipline Destiny 2 D2 character stat warlock titan hunter
  • Intellect Destiny 2 D2 character stat warlock titan hunter
  • Strength Destiny 2 D2 character stat warlock titan hunter


To maximize the potential of this Dragons Breath Build, I highly recommend the following mods for different gear pieces:


  • Solar Siphon (helmet / 3 energy)
  • Solar Loader (gauntlets / 3 energy)
  • Concussive Dampener (chest / 3 energy)
  • Harmonic resistance (chest / 2 energy)
  • Void / Arc resistance (chest / 3 energy)
  • Recuperation (leg / 1 energy)
  • Solar Scavenger  (leg / 3 energy)
  • Solar Weapon Surge  (leg / 3 energy)
  • Time Dilation (class item / 3 energy)

Fill Up with:

Discipline / Mobility Mods to get as near to 100 / 100  as possible.

For a good example of how you could distribute the mods look at the following images:


RESILIENCE MOD general armor mod Destiny 2
Solar Siphon Helmet Mod Destiny 2
heavy ammo finder helmet mod destiny 2


RESILIENCE MOD general armor mod Destiny 2
Solar Loader Gauntlet Mod Destiny 2
Momentum Transfer Gauntlet Mod Destiny 2


RESILIENCE MOD general armor mod Destiny 2
VOID RESISTANCE chest mod destiny 2
CONCUSSIVE DAMPENER chest mod destiny 2


RESILIENCE MOD general armor mod Destiny 2
RECUPERATION leg armor mod solar Destiny 2
Solar Weapon Surge Leg Mod Destiny 2

Class Item

RESILIENCE MOD general armor mod Destiny 2
Time Dilation Class Item Mod Destiny 2
Time Dilation Class Item Mod Destiny 2

Playstyle – Dragons Breath Build Destiny 2 D2

Gameplay Strategy

The core strategy revolves around maximizing the damage potential of Dragons Breath and your solar abilities, which involve scorching and igniting targets.

The gameplay involves charging the Dragon’s Breath rocket launcher up to 5 stacks through ignitions or a brief wait, enabling a powerful shot akin to a massive waveframe grenade launcher. This shot inflicts maximum delayed damage, similar to the Lasting Impression effect. Enemies within the blast radius suffer intense scorch damage, which, in turn, triggers further ignitions via our fragments and exotic helmet, resulting in a colossal area explosion. These ignitions not only replenish the launcher’s ammo but also ensure automatic reloading at 5 stacks.

Importantly, ignitions from Dragon’s Breath, grenades, and melee abilities all contribute to this cycle. Additionally, other solar weapons with the Incandescent perk can activate ignitions that count towards refilling the launcher.

The gameplay elevates with the Dragon’s Breath masterwork, as ignitions then recharge the launcher even faster. Moreover, defeating enemies now drops Firesprites, which, when collected, grant a restoration buff through Ember of Mercy, integrating a healing element into our build.

Recommended Weapons – Dragons Breath Build Destiny 2 D2

Riptide Weapon Destiny 2


Auto-Loading Holster
Chill Clip

Focus on Handling and Range

Zaoulis Bane Weapon Destiny 2

Zaoulis Bane

Explosive Payload

Focus on RELOAD!!

Dragons Breath Weapon Destiny 2

Dragons Breath

Composite Propellant – Rockets eject burning fuel.

High Octane – Igniting nearby targets partially replenishes fuel. This weapon refills itself from reserves upon gaining maximum fuel

For Destiny Item Manager users, we’ve compiled the complete Dragons Breath Build with a link provided below. This link allows you to streamline your loadout management and easily customize your setup according to your preferences.

Simply follow the link, and within Destiny Item Manager, you can remove any less crucial mods from the left side and add your favorite mods to fine-tune your build to perfection


With this handy tool, you can effortlessly tailor your Dragons Breath Build, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your playstyle and preferences. Dive in and make the most of your Destiny 2 experience with this highly customizable loadout.