Hunter Build PVP Destiny 2 D2

Build Setup – PVP Hunter Build Destiny 2 D2

Welcome to the PVP Hunter Build for Destiny 2. Hunters in Destiny 2 are very strong and absolutely broken in the air. Especially with the right game style you will get more kills with this Hunter Build with significantly less deaths.

Below you will find a overview. These are all important parts of the PVP Hunter Build.

All these aspects make the PVP Hunter Build for Destiny 2 D2 such good, a more detailed layout can be founded below in each build sections.

  • Very good survive
  • Best mobility
  • Nice synergies with exotic armor
  • Very strong Super with a good duration
Hunter Build overview Destiny 2 D2

Skill Tree – Hunter PVP Build D2

To achieve this excellent survivability and mobility with our Hunter PVP Build it is important to choose the right subclass.

We use the way of the current because here you can block super and still be super mobile with the forward attacks. Only that you have a small overview of what everything is blockable with the Arcstaff:

  • Golden Gun
  • Shield throw
  • Shots from Primary, Special and even Heavy weapons
  • Direct impact Thundercrash
  • Dawnblade projectiles
  • And many more

Furthermore, the Tempest Strike is a strong Ability that is often forgotten. Due to the fact that the arc wave moves so slowly, many opponents miscalculate it and get the damage. Furthermore, the opponents are often super confused that the Hunter is suddenly in the air and with a direct jump afterwards you have a great advantage especially with weapons that can benefit from icarus grip.

Arcstrider Way of the Current Destiny 2 D2

Synergies with exotic armour – Hunter Build D2

For our PVP Hunter Build two different exotics fit very well. Depending on the playstyle and map, I would choose one or the other.

For those who are comfortable in the air and good with icarus grip, ST0MP-EE5 is the best exotic in the whole game. It makes the hunter incredibly agile and fast. Especially with the help of a roof or similar where you could bang your head against in combination with strafe jump you can reach a very high speed. But not only this makes the ST0MP-EE5 so good but the whole package, you have all the benefits all the time without having to activate anything first or get a penalty afterwards.

The other option is the Wormhusk Crown. It gives our Hunter in Destiny 2 a bit of life and shield back every time we dodge. This is very strong in close combat duels or to be able to quickly peak again. By always having at least 100 mobility in the hunter, we get our dodge back every 11 seconds. And having a burst heal ready every 11 seconds sounds pretty damn good, doesn’t it?

Often you see the Hunters with Wormhusk Crown sliding in with a Slug-Shotgun trying to land a headshot and if it fails they dodge right back out thanks to Wormhusk Crown they have full life again.

ST0MP-EE5 Exotic Leg Destiny 2 D2
ST0MP-EE5 Exotic Leg Destiny 2 D2
Wormhusk Crown Exotic Helmet Destiny 2 D2
Wormhusk Crown Exotic Helmet Destiny 2 D2

Mods and Stats – Hunter Build D2

For hunters in general, I always recommend going for max mobility and recovery. In the best case 100 mobility 100 recovery 70 resilience and 70 intellect. Why exactly tier 7 for intellect and resilience?

With Tier 7 Resilience, you have the best chance of intercepting one more bullet across all weapons before you go down. Of course it plays a big role which weapons the opponents play and how well they hit and from which distance they shoot and so on. But my tests have shown that Tier 7 is the best.

Up to Tier 7 Intellect you get 23 seconds less cooldown per higher Intellect level. On Tier 8 but only 13 that is then such a small increase that it is almost no longer worth it to pay attention to it.

  • Mobility Stat Destiny 2 D2
  • Resilience Stat Destony2 D2
  • Recovery Stat Destiny 2 D2
  • Intellect Stat Destiny 2 D2

To get the maximum out of this build and at the same time play the best of the season I recommend the following mods:


  • Taking Charge
  • Powerful Friends (Arc)
  • Radiant Light (Arc)
  • High-Energy Fire

Fill Up with:

  • Mobility / Recovery / Resilience Mods to get as near to 100 / 100 / 70 as possible. (I do not recommend using Intellect Mods since they need 5 Energy)
  • Targeting Mods who matching your weapons (Helmet)
  • Dexterity Mods who matching your weapons (Arms)
  • Unflinching Mods who matching your weapons (Chest)
  • Scavenger Mods who matches your Special Weapon (Leg)
  • Utility Kickstart (Stasis, Class Item)
  • Chest Armor Mods Hunter Build Destiny 2 D2
  • Leg Armor Mods Hunter Build Destiny 2 D2
  • Helmet Armor Mods Hunter Build Destiny 2 D2
  • Gauntlets Armor Mods Hunter Build Destiny 2 D2
  • Class Item Armor Mods Hunter Build Destiny 2 D2

Playstyle – Hunter Build Destiny 2 D2

The goal of Hunters in Destiny 2 D2 PVP is actually to use Agility to generate an advantage. You often don’t believe how stubbornly people look at the ground and don’t see opponents in the air. Especially through the ST0MP-EE5 you can reach super heights and exploit the air advantage. Also the dodging is super handy to get out of a gunfight that looks bad for you, or to get closer to the enemy to hit him with the shotgun.
The Arcbolt Grenade is great for finishing off a battered enemy behind a pillar or wall. Also good to know is that an uncharged Melee and the hit from an Arcbolt Grenade is exactly enough to kill an enemy.

Recommended Weapons – PVP Hunter Build Destiny 2 D2

The perfect PVP Loadout does not exist. Everyone has to play what suits him well. Nevertheless i have listed some of my favorite combinations here. And yes some of you will hate me for the first loadout ;)

DEAD MANS TALE Exotic Scout Rifle Destiny 2 D2

Dead Mans Tale

  • High-Caliber Rounds
  • Vorpal
  • Short-Action Stock
Main Ingredient Fusion Rifle Destiny 2 D2

Main Ingredient

  • Particle Repeater
  • Under Pressure
  • Tap the Trigger
Half-truths Sword Destiny 2 D2


  • Eager Edge

For all those who use Destiny Item Manager I have put together the Build here in the link.

You can remove the unimportant mods on the left side and add your favorites.