Hunter Build Stasis PVE Destiny 2 D2

Build Setup – Stasis Spam Hunter Build D2

Welcome to the Stasis Spam Hunter Build for Destiny 2. Hunters are once again valuable in PVE because they can freeze many enemies, giving them control over the situation. The main objective of this build is to maximize the use of your skills.

Below, you’ll find an overview. These are all crucial components of the Stasis Spam Hunter Build for Destiny 2.

The Stasis Spam Hunter Build for Destiny 2 excels in several aspects. You can explore each of these aspects in more detail in the following sections:

  1. Impressive Ability Cooldown: This build boasts a remarkable reduction in ability cooldown times.
  2. Suitable for Raids, Strikes, and Dungeons: It’s highly effective across various in-game activities, including Raids, Strikes, and Dungeons.
  3. Excellent Synergy with Exotic Armor: This build pairs exceptionally well with exotic armor, enhancing its overall performance.
  4. Consistent Freeze Uptime: You’ll enjoy a consistently high rate of freezing enemies, maintaining control over your encounters.
Overview of the Stasis Hunter Build Destiny 2

Skill Tree – Hunter Build D2

To achieve this excellent ability cooldown time, it’s crucial to make the right choices when it comes to Abilities, Aspects, and Fragments.

For your Class Ability, the recommended choice is Gamblers Dodge.

As for your Jump ability, you should go with the one that suits your playstyle best. Personally, I prefer Triple Jump.

The standout choice for this build is the Duskfield grenades. They boast the shortest cooldown time since the cooldown patch, making them a fantastic addition to this build. Their ability to cover a wide area is what truly elevates this build, offering superb crowd control.

Now, let’s focus on the Aspects, which play a vital role:

  1. Touch of Winter: This aspect increases the size of the slow-field generated by the Duskfield grenade and adds a small Stasis Crystal in the center, enhancing its effectiveness.
  2. Grim Harvest: This aspect is equally important. It allows you to generate Stasis Shards every time you defeat frozen or slowed enemies, ensuring a steady supply of resources to fuel your abilities.

Pro Tip: Experienced players who love fast movement can consider swapping Grim Harvest for Shatterdive to enable “Shatterskating.” However, mastering this technique requires a high level of skill and practice. Keep in mind that it also consumes one of your fragment slots.

Stasis Subclass Hunter Destiny 2

Now, let’s delve deeper into the fascinating world of Hunter Stasis Build fragments in Destiny 2:

  1. Whisper of Durance: We opt for Whisper of Durance to extend the duration of our Duskfield Grenade, ensuring that our foes remain frozen for a more prolonged period.
  2. Whisper of Fissures: To prevent enemies from merely thawing out after a brief freeze, we incorporate Whisper of Fissures as our subsequent fragment choice. This guarantees that when we eliminate a frozen adversary, nearby enemies will shatter in response.
  3. Whisper of Shards: The addition of Whisper of Shards propels our stasis build to greater heights by significantly accelerating our grenade charge whenever we obliterate a stasis crystal.
  4. Whisper of Conduction Fragment: Enter Whisper of Conduction Fragment, where stasis shards gravitate towards you, enhancing your resilience and intellect by +10 each. This extra boost can make a significant difference in tough encounters, further enhancing your Hunter build in Destiny 2.
  5. Whisper of Rime: To bolster our survivability, Whisper of Rime grants an overshield each time we collect a stasis shard, providing the necessary defensive buffer.
  • Whisper of Rime Stasis Fragment Destiny 2 D2
  • Whisper of Conduction Stasis Fragment Destiny 2 D2
  • Whisper of Durance Stasis Fragment Destiny 2 D2
  • Whisper of Fissures Stasis Fragment Destiny 2 D2
  • Whisper of Shards Stasis Fragment Destiny 2 D2

Synergies with exotic armour – Hunter Build D2

Equipped with the Fr0st-EE5, your grenade and melee abilities recharge at twice the usual speed while sprinting. This seamlessly aligns with our skill-focused Stasis Build for the Hunter in Destiny 2. Furthermore, Dodging also increases sprint speed, making it a valuable asset. Additionally, upon using your class ability, you’ll experience a 6.25% sprint speed increase for 10 seconds.

Fr0st-EE5 exotic Leg Destiny 2
Fr0st-EE5 Info Destiny 2 D2

Mods and Stats – Hunter Build D2

For our Stasis Spam Hunter Build I recommend going for max mobility, discipline and recovery. In the best case 100 mobility 100 recovery and discipline as high as possible.

Having Resilience at Tier 10 provides a substantial 30% damage reduction, a significant advantage in PvE encounters.

  • Mobility Stat Destiny 2 D2
  • Resilience Stat Destony2 D2
  • Recovery Stat Destiny 2 D2
  • Discipline at Tier 9 Duskfield Destiny 2

To maximize the potential of this Stasis Hunter Build, I highly recommend the following mods for different gear pieces:


  • Dynamo (helmet / 3 energy)
  • Impact Induction (gauntlets / 2 energy)
  • Momentum Transfer (gauntlets / 2 energy)
  • Grenade Kickstart (gauntlets / 3 energy)
  • Concussive Dampener (chest / 3 energy)
  • Solar/Void Resistance (chest / 2 energy)
  • Solar/Arc Resistance (chest / 2 energy)
  • Recuperation (leg / 1 energy)
  • Stacks on Stacks (leg / 4 energy)
  • Innervation (leg / 1 energy)
  • Distribution (class item / 3 energy)
  • Bomber (class item / 1 energy)
  • Reaper (class item / 3 energy)

Fill Up with:

Discipline / Resilience Mods to get as near to 100 / 100  as possible.

  • Kinetic Siphon (helmet / 2 energy)
  • Heavy Ammo Finder (helmet / 3 energy)
  • Heavy Ammo Scout (helmet / 1 energy)  not needed in solo play
  • (matching element of your heavy weapon) Scavenger (leg / 3 energy)

For a good example of how you could distribute the mods look at the following images:


RESILIENCE MOD general armor mod Destiny 2
Dynamo Helmet Mod Destiny 2
kinetic siphon helmet mod destiny 2


RESILIENCE MOD general armor mod Destiny 2
Impact Induction Gauntlet Mod Destiny 2
Grenade Kickstart gauntlet mod destiny 2


RESILIENCE MOD general armor mod Destiny 2
CONCUSSIVE DAMPENER chest mod destiny 2
SOLAR RESISTANCE chest mod destiny 2


RESILIENCE MOD general armor mod Destiny 2
Stacks on Stacks leg mod Destiny 2
Innervation Leg Mod Destiny 2

Class Item

RESILIENCE MOD general armor mod Destiny 2
Distribution Class Item Mod Destiny 2
Reaper Class Item Mod Destiny 2

Playstyle – Stasis Spam Hunter Build

To supercharge your ability recharge rate, check out these synergizing moves:

First, unleash the fury by throwing your Duskfield grenade and destroying that tiny stasis crystal inside it. Boom! You’ve just activated the Whisper of Shards, giving you a mind-blowing 500% grenade regeneration boost for a jaw-dropping 6 seconds!

Now, brace yourself as you start sprinting with the Fr0st-Ee5 boots. While you’re sprinting, your grenade and melee abilities will regenerate with double the power! Get ready to unleash another freezing grenade in mere seconds! It’s action-packed mayhem!

Recommended Weapons – Hunter Stasis Build D2

For an optimized Stasis Hunter Build in Destiny 2, there are several versatile loadouts to choose from. When you don’t require specific loadouts, consider using weapons equipped with the Headstone perk. This perk allows you to spawn additional Stasis Crystals with a well-placed headshot.

Below, you’ll find a sample loadout that I enjoy using for this Stasis Hunter Build in Destiny 2. Have fun and freeze the world

Eyasluna Handcannon Destiny 2


  • Rapid Hit
  • Headstone

Focus on Reload Speed and Handling

Null Composure Fusion Rifle Destiny 2

Null Composure

  1. Feeding Frenzy
  2. Reservoir Burst

Focus on Handling and Reload Speed

Gjallarhorn Exotic Weapon Destiny 2 D2


Here is a short list of weapons that can have Headstone and where to find them.

  • Eyasluna          – Grasp of Avarice Dungeon
  • Vulpeca            – Season of the Lost Engramm
  • Peacebond       – Iron Banner
  • Reeds Regret  – Trials of Osiris

For Destiny Item Manager users, we’ve compiled the complete Stasis Hunter Build with a link provided below. This link allows you to streamline your loadout management and easily customize your setup according to your preferences.

Simply follow the link, and within Destiny Item Manager, you can remove any less crucial mods from the left side and add your favorite mods to fine-tune your build to perfection.

With this handy tool, you can effortlessly tailor your Stasis Hunter Build, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your playstyle and preferences. Dive in and make the most of your Destiny 2 experience with this highly customizable loadout.