Solar Build Destiny2 Titan

Build Setup – Hammer Throw Titan Build Destiny 2

Welcome to the Hammer Throw Titan Build for Destiny 2 D2. This build is simply crazy. Easy to execute and incredibly strong. It kills all Mini-Bosses and Champions in Destiny 2 even on high difficulty levels with a small hammer throw.

All these aspects make the Hammer Throw Titan Build for Destiny 2 build such good, a more detailed layout can be founded below in each build sections.

  • Good self healing
  • Easy to execute
  • Perfect synergies
  • Best burst damage
Overview of Hammer Throw Titan Build D2

Skill Tree – Titan Build D2

With this Titan Build for Destiny 2 it is especially important that you use the right subclass. To achieve this awesome Burst Damage we take Code of the Devastor.

This one has the awesome melee skill Throwing Hammer. You can throw it from a distance and collect it again to have it ready to use. Besides that, you also get direct life regeneration when you pick up the hammer.

The perfect synergy continues with Roaring Flames. Each  ability kill increases the damage of the next ability. Stack up to three times.

Sunbreaker Titan Middle Tree Code of the Devastator Destiny 2

Synergies with exotic armour – Titan Build D2

For the Hammer Throwing Titan build for Destiny 2 we use the Synthoceps. They increase the melee damage when you are surrounded. The buff lasts a bit even when you are no longer surrounded. It makes it easier to do very good burst damage directly and so easier to stack the buffs.

In the past you used to use the Wormgod Caress, but they have been heavily nerfed and are now very difficult to play. Nevertheless, it is still a good alternative.

Synthoceps PVP Exotic Arms Destiny 2
Synthoceps Information PVP Exotic Arms Destiny 2

Mods and Stats – Titan Build D2

For titans in general, I always recommend going for max resilience and recovery. In the best case 100 recovery 100 resilience 70 intellect and discipline as high as you can get. Why exactly tier 7 for intellect ?

Up to Tier 7 Intellect you get 23 seconds less cooldown per higher Intellect level. On Tier 8 but only 13 that is then such a small increase that it is almost no longer worth it to pay attention to it.

I strongly recommend to reach tier 7 even if you don’t reach 100 resilience because you can catch a sniper shot much more often without dying. I dislike getting one hit.

Also for the melee focused Hammer Throwing Titan Build I don’t recommend focusing on strength as we can pick up the hammer most of the time.

To get the maximum out of this build and at the same time play the best of the season I recommend the following mods:


  • Protective Light (Void)
  • Elemental Charge
  • Melee Wellmaker
  • Well of Life (Solar)
  • Shotgun Dexterity

Fill Up with:

  • Mobility / Recovery / Resilience Mods to get as near to 100 / 100 / 70 as possible. (I do not recommend using Intellect Mods since they need 5 Energy)
  • Recuperation (Solar Legs)
  • Resistance Mods (Chest)
  • Supercharged (Solar)
  • Elemental Time Dilation (Stasis)
  • Chest Mods Titan Build Throwing Hammer Destiny 2
  • Class Item Mods Titan Build Throwing Hammer Destiny 2
  • Gauntlets Mods Titan Build Throwing Hammer Destiny 2
  • Helmet Mods Titan Build Throwing Hammer Destiny 2
  • Leg Mods Titan Build Throwing Hammer Destiny 2

Playstyle – Titan Build

Now we come to the important part for our Hammer Throwing Titan Build for Destiny 2. To stack the buffs and debuffs optimally we have to proceed as follows:

To make the whole thing much easier, be sure to place Charged Melee on an easily accessible key. The advantage of this is that you can stand very close to the opponent and throw the small hammer.

  • On the first kill by throwing our small hammer with the melee button a solar well should spawn which gives us two charges of Charged with light and activates Well of Life.
  • Now we have increased life regeneration for ten seconds and as soon as our shield breaks ten seconds increased armor through protective light. During these ten seconds we continue killing enemies with the small hammer until we have Roaring Flames x3. This buff lasts 20 seconds, so there is enough time to move to the target we want to destroy.
  • Then we shoot first with the Tractor Cannon
  • Switch as fast as possible to our Shotgun with the perk One-Two Punch shoot with the once
  • And then we throw directly two times our small hammer. Stacked correctly, these 2 hammers will kill directly as except a raid/dungeon boss.

Small 60 second video showing the strength of the Titan Build Hammer Throw for Destiny 2 D2 in a Legend Lost Sector.

Recommended Weapons – Titan Build Destiny 2 D2

For our Titan Build Hammer Throw it is especially important that you take a Shotgun with One-Two Punch and have the Tractor Cannon in the heavy weapons slot. It is best to adjust the primary weapon so that you can stun the respective champions in the activity in case of emergency. Specific raid or grandmaster setups can be found here.

The last breath Roll Destiny 2 D2

The Last Breath is my favorite Autorifle and my choice against Barrier Champions.

Accrued Redemption is my primary choice to stun Overload Champions.

The Messenger is a very good option to stun Unstoppable Champions.

Retold Tale Shotgun Destiny 2 D2

The only important thing is that the Shotgun has the One-Two Punch perk. Very nice to have is Full Choke because this reduces the spread of the bullets and so you get easier over longer distances One-Two Punch activated. Auto-Loading Holster is also cool as it reloads your weapon while you are throwing your hammers.

Tractor Cannon Destiny 2

The Tractor Cannon is a Supporter Weapon that debuffs the enemy. This debuff lasts 6 seconds and increases the damage you do to the enemy by 30%.

Below you can see a list of which Shotguns can have the perk One-Two Punch and where you can get them.

Legendary Kinetic Shotgun

  • Hawthorne’s Field-Forged Shotgun                             – World Drop
  • One Small Step                                                                 – Moon Drop (Eris Morn)
  • Wastelander M5                                                               – Xûr’s Treasure Hoard in Eternity

Legendary Energy Shotgun

  • A Sudden Death                                                                – Prophecy Dungeon
  • Found Verdict                                                                    – Vault of Glass Raid
  • Matador 64                                                                         – Grasp of Avarice Dungeon
  • Prophet of Doom                                                               – Garden of Salvation Raid
  • Retold Tale                                                                         – Activities in the Dreaming City
  • The Deicide                                                                        – Engrams and faction rank-up packages
  • Xenoclast I                                                                         – Strikes

For all those who use Destiny Item Manager I have put together the Build here in the link.

You can remove the unimportant mods on the left side and add your favorites.