Welcome to this guide about Stasis Fragments and Aspects. The goal is to show you the fastest and best way to complete the required quests. How to get stasis? You will receive the darkness subclass Stasis during the main campaign of Beyond Light which you will receive from XYZ on Europe.

Unlock Stasis Fragments

How to unlock Stasis Fragments in Destiny 2?
You need to talk to the Exo Stranger on Europa. She will offer you three different types of quests. I strongly recommend you to accept them for the Strikes (Vanguard) because it is much easier to get the necessary kills in Strikes.

Shatter Kills

Every time you defeat a Stasis Crystal or a frozen enemy, they explode and do AoE damage (area damage). The kills only count because of this area damage. Stasis Crystals can be made in many different ways but the easiest is to throw the Glacier Grenade or distribute headshots with a weapon that has Headstone.